Return Policy

Here are all details you need to know to be able to return your product for a refund, repair or replacement.

All sales have a 30 days right of withdrawal without reason unless product is a custom product or sold as defective

If you have the order number please start the procedures on Customer Return page

if you do not have the order number please contact us through the E-mail, telling what is wrong with you product.

Our team will open a ticket for your claim and give you instructions for the return procedure when it is applied.

Prior to the return slip provision pictures of the product may be requested.

Together with the return slip, you will receive shipping instructions.
Please follow all shipment instructions, especially those regarding safe packaging and exclusion of personal data (iCloud and Microsoft accounts).
Transport damage occurred due to improper packaging can be characterised as a warranty exclusion.

DaRoAn accepts no liability for the loss of your data in connection with the repair of your product.
Please ensure you backup your data in advance to avoid any loss of data or software which is important to you.
If we need to re-image your hard drive to restore the functionality of your product, the hard drive will be reloaded with the original factory-installed software only, and will not include any other software or applications.
If you use Bitlocker drive encryption on Windows 10, or any other encryption software for your storage devices, please ensure you have the encryption key saved and stored before sending the machine.

Return label must be used within 14 days.
If the product is not returned within this period, return slip will expire and ticket procedure may be opened again.

Product will be inspected by our technicians upon delivery in our facilities. When all criteria is meet, return will be accepted.

In the case of a return for refund, a refund will be issued within 2-3 business days after delivery of the return.
In the case of a return for repair/replacement, you will be notified by email about the expected time for repair procedures or for the replacement shipment if it is the case.
Please note that repair procedures may take between 3-7 business days depending on its complexity but in rare cases depending of the complexity of the parts we may need 7-21 business days.
In the case of refunds, amount refunded should be reflected in your account between 1-15 business days, depending on the payment method originally used. In case of payments using credit card, this time may extend to 30 business days (next statement).

Good to remember: A refund or a replacement shipment only can made after the delivery of the returned product in our facilities.

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